Areas of actuation


The Office handles the lawsuits regarding several matters of civil nature. The professionals of Michaluart e Armani Advogados have broad experience in the area and are in conditions of representing clients in litigations in all judicial courts in all degrees.


This area comprises the assistance of clients in judicial and non-judicial proceedings involving inheritance, testaments, matrimonial dissolution, recognition of stable union, prohibition and guardianship, amongst others.


Inheritance matters, patrimonial structure and tax adequacy are dealt by the Office, offering to its clients a detailed plan which fits best to their family and business needs and expectations.


The Office advises investors and companies in the Real Estate business, as brokers and administrators, with broad experience in dealing with intermediation of Real Estate transactions, such as renting, buying and selling, exchange, donation, paying-up companies capital etc.


Michaluart e Armani Advogados is specialized in matters connected to Consumer Law, both in a preventive and litigious manner. Among the activities practiced by our office in the area are highlighted:

  • Assistance in the institutional communication, as well as publicity and advertising of product/service in view of the Consumer Law commandments and restrictions;
  • Acting in litigation and administrative proceedings subjected with deceiving and/or abusive advertising, also in governmental agencies and authorities.


The Office renders assistance in business since the forming of companies till the association between enterprises involving acquisition of corporate partnership or specific business activity, as well as other forms of exploiting businesses and enterprises.

Moreover, acts by preparing articles of incorporation, statutes, shareholders and quota-holders agreements, consortium, protocols and further corporate documents, in a manner to enable its clients’ interests, not only in administrative but also in litigation proceedings.

Foreign companies seeking authorization for functioning in Brazil and Brazilian companies with partners and foreign capital are also part of the expertise of Michaluart and Armani Advogados. In the same manner, all related affairs to the aforementioned matter s comprise the Office’s routine, such as registration of foreign capital in the Central Bank of Brazil and obtaining of authorization for foreign work in Brazil (work visa – please refer to Immigration section below).


Regarding foreign capital in Brazil, we assist and perform its registry and periodic statements before the Central Bank of Brazil, as a result of investment in Real Estate, corporate participation and capital asset.


Our Office renders counseling in preventive and litigious matters, before municipal, state and federal authorities and in administrative or judicial proceedings, subjected to:

  • Consulting and tax planning in business activities and/or operations;
  • Statement of tax unenforceability;
  • Defense in administrative assessment and tax foreclosure;;
  • Due diligence;
  • Tax succession;
  • Accessory obligations (tax documentation and statements).


The so -called Entertainment Law – in fact a multidisciplinary area involving copyright, civil, labor, tax, corporate and agreements – comprises business targeting culture and recreation: television, movies, music, literature, on stage performances, mobile telephony, internet, games, exhibitions and its ancillary products.

Michaluart e Armani Advogados has great expertise in the entertainment business, especially audiovisual productions, being able to advise its clients in the formatting of projects, preparation of agreements, evaluation and minimization of risks, negotiations, authorizations, hiring and commercial exploitation.

Our Office is fully able to offer its clients the best feasible options in national and international entertainment business, with regard to:

  • Studying of possible means of engagement of technical and artists teams aiming for the lesser budget increase with labor burden;
  • Analysis of labor risks;
  • Assistance, negotiation and preparation of agreements engaging authors, directors, producers, artists, actors, interpreters, models, sportsman and professionals of other areas for the commercial exploitation of copyrights, image, name, voice and/or other elements of personality in television, radio, movies, theater and arts in general, as well publicity;
  • Research and clearance of rights;
  • Management of agreements;
  • Obtaining work visa for foreigners;
  • Authorization of foreign filming in Brazil;
  • Interface with Unions;
  • Judicial authorization for working under aged individuals;
  • Registry of works.


We are in condition of rendering assistance to our clients in relation to subjects regarding publicity and its correlated entities (CONAR and CENP), both in preventive or administrative manners, revising advertisement and advising previously to its airing as well as representing our clients in defense and appeals before competent authorities. Beyond that, Michaluart e Armani Advogados assists in matters pertaining to cultural competitions, promotions and prizes distribution, through the elaboration of rules and obtaining the corresponding authorization.


We advise our clients in matters related to internet domains, also in connection to its registry. In a same manner, we are also able to represent and defend our clients in proceedings regarding fraud, abuse and violation of rights perpetrated in virtual environment.


Michaluart e Armani Advogados renders counseling to its clients in copyright and trademark affairs, highlighting the examination and advising in corresponding business, steps for the public registry seeking the legal protection of rights, clearance of authorizations, advising free from risk hiring and analysis as well as the preparation of all sorts of agreements. We also render services regarding the preparation and negotiation of assignment of rights, concession and licensing of trademark and franchising.


We render assistance regarding the possible means of engagement of foreigners to work in Brazil and handle the proper administrative proceedings targeting the authorization for foreign work, which is the necessary process for obtaining the work visa to foreigners who come to work in the National Territory.